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Policies & Terms

Placing Your Order:

Orders can be made directly on the website. The inventory displayed on the website is up-to-date in real time. Inventory is immediately adjusted as orders are received. Your ship date is determined by weather conditions based on our location and yours. We fill all orders on a first come first serve basis, in the order of received payment.

We try to be as flexible as possible if you have special requests, we can bump orders back if you want chicks or eggs after a certain date but cannot bump orders ahead of others already in order.

Poultry Pick Up:

All Hatch-lings must be picked up at 1 week old unless other arrangements have been made.

Payments should be made before pick up with the exception of cash or check payments. Hatching Egg Pick ups must be picked up within 48 hours  due to their perishable nature or you will forfeit your order as the chance of fertility decreases with time, All other animal pick ups will be discussed upon sale of the animal/ listed on the designated animals page.

Animal Pick-Up

  • If the animal is ready to go when the deposit is placed you must pick it up within 10 days.​

  • If you place a deposit on an animal that is not weaned yet, you must pick it up within 1 week of it being ready to go.

  • Boarding fees will apply to any animals staying longer then 10 days after their ready to go date.

Health Guarantee

  • We guarantee our animals to be free from genetic defects.

  • If your vet finds that the animal has some type of genetic defect, we will replace or refund your purchase cost. Vet must provide certificate stating the animal has a genetic defect to receive the refund. 

  • For any animal that is replaced, delivery or shipping fees will be applied & covered at buyer's expense.

Product Quality Policy:

Here at The Bucking Mini Ranch we provide Show Quality Breeding with only the Best Bloodlines brought in from all over the world. We Strive for 100% Order Accuracy & our Poultry will be Physical Defect Free. The Bucking Mini Ranch will not guarantee any issues resulting from improper nutrition or care. We also do not guarantee egg color, blue feather presentation, frizzle presentation, or percentage of males & females on straight run orders.

Privacy Policy:
Cancellations & Refunds

All our Sales are final with that being said we do not offer refunds for cancellations.

48-Hour Livability Policy:

The Bucking Mini Ranch strives for 100% healthy chicks upon receipt. If you experience a loss or injured chick,  We will issue a credit or offer a replacement for properly cared for losses within the first 48 hour period. If you have a loss, please send us an email or text message along with a photograph of the chick & original receipt.

  • Extra chicks may be included on orders of 15 or more & are intended to cover any losses should they occur.

  • Replacement orders must meet all of our shipping policies.

  • Chicks from our farm are covered for the first 48-hours after pickup.

  • Report your total losses promptly at the end of the 48 hour period via email or text.

  • At no time will our credit amount exceed the original purchase price.

  • If a loss should occur on the replacement order, we will issue you a farm credit for the price of the chick(s). This is in consideration of working with live animals & the occasional delivery route that may not be optimal for their well being.

  • The Bucking Mini Ranch will not cover losses that occur outside of a controlled environment, such as a broody hens or environmental changes.

Hatching Eggs Policy:

We want our eggs to leave as soon as possible to get to you fresh! It is not uncommon for eggs to be shipped the same day they are collected. We package our eggs securely to prevent breakage or scrambling. Our birds are healthy & produce nice strong eggs that ship extremely well. We test fertility here at our Ranch via incubation, but because of conditions beyond our control (Including USPS handling, fluctuation of temperatures, your incubation practices, etc…) We cannot guarantee development or hatch rates after the eggs have left our Ranch. A fertilized egg can not show development for various reasons including those listed above, & once the egg has been incubated you cannot tell by cracking it that it was an unfertilized egg. We do not ship eggs from our pens without confirming fertility here at the Ranch. Please only purchase hatching eggs from us if you understand our hatching eggs policy! We always recommend purchasing live chicks from us if you want a guaranteed number of live chicks.

**Hatching Eggs will only be shipped during Spring & Summer months due to weather.**


The Bucking Mini Ranch takes every precaution necessary to protect your privacy & personal information. When submitting sensitive information via The Bucking Mini Ranch website, that information is collected, encrypted, & protected. What this means is that any time you send data to our web server it will be encrypted &, in turn, our server will encrypt any data sent back to your web browser. The Bucking Mini Ranch uses 128-bit encryption, the most advanced form of SSL software presently available. The Bucking Mini Ranch will not share any personal information with any third party.

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