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Image by Yoann Donzé

Nigerian Dwarf

American Dairy Goat Association  Registered

Nigerian Dwarfs are a miniature dairy goat. They originate from West Africa. Nigerian Dwarfs are easy to handle for all ages. The  U.S. Department of AG has approved them as a livestock dairy goat so they are also great for FFA & 4H. These goats can produce up to two quarts per day & are known for having higher butterfat than most dairy goat breeds. These sweet goats make wonderful companions as they love their people. We Focus on several factors with our herd. All of our Dwarfs are very Docile, love their people, are excellent mother's and produce high quality milk.

Nigerian Dwarf Pricing

Does $500 & Up
Bucks $400 & Up

General Goat Information

  • Kids are registered  unless otherwise noted. 

  • Kids are raised on mom unless otherwise noted.

  • We test for CL/CAE & Johne's

  • Pet price is for goats without papers

  • Vaccinated with 8 Way & Dewormed

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