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Events & Services

Events: On The Ranch Activities

Exotic & Miniature Petting Zoo

*Currently Under Construction*

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BMR's Market

Coming soon! We will be opening our own store on our property. We want to provide a safe place for everyone to obtain affordable farm fresh food & other wonderful organic products.

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Christmas Events

To Be Determined

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Halloween Events

To Be Determined 


Easter Events

To Be Determined 


FFA/4-H Sponsorship Program

*Currently Under Construction*
We feel our Community is Extremely Important. As a way of Giving Back to our Community we will be Sponsoring 2 Children per Year. We Prefer to Focus on Children who may not be able to Afford an Animal for FFA/4-H on their Own. What this Means is we will be Providing a Show Quality Animal for the Selected Children each Year.

Program Requirements: Please Submit a Letter Via Email or a Typed Letter to our DropBox *Location to be Announced* Telling us About your Situation & Why you or your Child Deserves to be Selected. Please also Include the Age Group & What Animal your Child is Interested in. We do Accept Nominations as well. If you Know someone who Needs this Program but they feel they Cant Submit Feel Free to Nominate a Child by Submitting a Letter of your Own.

The Winners of the Program will Be Provided a Contract Agreement Stating our Conditions. one is that Half of the Proceeds of the Donated Animal will go to the 4h/FFA Charter to Build a Grant Fund  in The Bucking Mini Ranch's name & the other Half to the Student. Please note if the Child in Question is a Minor Parents/Legal Gaurdians will need to Sign.The Contract will State that You are 100% Responsible for Care of the Animal. We can also Keep the Animal on Our Property if you need Storage for it During FFA/4-H this will Vary Depending on Each Applicants Situation.
**Applications Are Currently Closed**

Petting Zoo Rental is currently closed.


Wing Clipping & Talon Trimming Services

Have a flock of your own? Need their wings clipped or talons trimmed but don't know how? or don't have the time in your busy schedule?

We offer Professional Wing Clipping & Talon Trimming Services. We will do any breed of bird you need.

Please Inquire for estimates.


Petting Zoo Rental

Want a petting zoo at your event? Book the petting zoo package. Choose between a variety of petting zoo animals with a variety of age and sizes or request a specific type of farm animal either way we have got you covered.  The animals requested will go to the desired destination for a agreed upon amount of time. Guests will be able to feed the animals requested. This package does include some feed however, We do offer an additional feed package if you would like more feed.

Inquire for pricing as prices may vary.

***No Dogs can be present during this for our animals safety**

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