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Behind The Ranch: Meet the Team
Image by Annie Spratt

Our Family

Country is the Way you Live not the Way you Look


Matt  B.

Matt is the Best Father & Husband Anyone Could of Asked for. He has built this Company from the Ground Up. His Drive & Passion are Part of What we Hope to Pass on to Our Children. His goal is to Provide Endangered & Rare Species a chance to Come Back & Flourish.


Tristan B.

This is Our First Born his dream is to one day become a Veterinarian. We are Extremely Proud of Him as He has His Father's Passion for Animals.This Young Man Will Be Our Right Hand Man as he Grows in Our Community & Learns Excellent Life Skills on The Ranch & with Our Local FFA Programs.

Sebastián B.

This Handsome Little Boy is our Most Recent Pride & Joy. We are Very Proud to be able to Raise our Boys on a Ranch & Hope one day They can Continue the Business Together & Keep Our Legacy Alive.


Jessica is the Face Behind the Scenes. Responsible for all Sales, Record keeping, Administration Needs & More.She built Our Website & Handles all Our Licensing/Permit Needs.

Jessica B.



Athena is a purebred Border Collie. She is almost 3 years old & is obsessed with her family. She is the Ranch Cattle Dog she is a very Important part of our Family.


Ursula is a purebred Great Pyrenees she is our newest herd member & is the second largest in size out of her brothers & sisters, We expect amazing things from her as a Livestock Guardian Dog she will be assisting prince Eric in protecting our Livestock, Our Property & our family. We are excited to watch her flourish into an excellent guardian.


Prince Eric

Prince Eric is a Great Pyrenees & is one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. This boy is only a few months old & is the best puppy .  His lineage is amazing and his temperament and personality are to die for. His Sire is from a major ranch that no longer breeds so the lineage is difficult to find. His Dam also was bred for docility as well. We love him with all our hearts & we are all so glad we get to have him in our lives. He will not only protect our livestock but  our family as well.

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