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Behind The Ranch: Meet the Team
Image by Annie Spratt

Our Family

Country is the Way you Live not the Way you Look


Matt  B.

Matt is the Best Father & Husband Anyone Could of Asked for. He has built this Company from the Ground Up. His Drive & Passion are Part of What we Hope to Pass on to Our Children. His goal is to Provide Endangered & Rare Species a chance to Come Back & Flourish.


Tristan B.

This is Our First Born his dream is to one day become a Veterinarian. We are Extremely Proud of Him as He has His Father's Passion for Animals.This Young Man Will Be Our Right Hand Man as he Grows in Our Community & Learns Excellent Life Skills on The Ranch & with Our Local FFA Programs.

Sebastián B.

This Handsome Little Boy is our Most Recent Pride & Joy. We are Very Proud to be able to Raise our Boys on a Ranch & Hope one day They can Continue the Business Together & Keep Our Legacy Alive.


Jessica is the Face Behind the Scenes. Responsible for all Sales, Record keeping, Administration Needs & More.She built Our Website & Handles all Our Licensing/Permit Needs.

Jessica B.



Athena is a purebred Border Collie. She is almost 3 years old & is obsessed with her family. She is the Ranch Cattle Dog she is a very Important part of our Family.


Ursula is a purebred Great Pyrenees she is our newest herd member & is the second largest in size out of her brothers & sisters, We expect amazing things from her as a Livestock Guardian Dog she will be assisting prince Eric in protecting our Livestock, Our Property & our family. We are excited to watch her flourish into an excellent guardian.


Prince Eric

Prince Eric is a Great Pyrenees & is one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. This boy is only a few months old & is the best puppy .  His lineage is amazing and his temperament and personality are to die for. His Sire is from a major ranch that no longer breeds so the lineage is difficult to find. His Dam also was bred for docility as well. We love him with all our hearts & we are all so glad we get to have him in our lives. He will not only protect our livestock but  our family as well.



Simba is a Great Pyrenees & is one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs. he is 3 years old now & was our first Livestock guardian.  His job is slightly different from our other two guardians he does not stay with the herds as his job is to patrol and protect the entire property. He loves to follow his humans around the property and enjoys watching over us as we work. He is incredibly well behaved both indoors and outdoors though he is a full time outdoor dog he was trained proper manors for indoors at a young age and does get to come inside on occasion for short lenghts of time. 

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