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All of our donkeys are handled many times daily & are true pocket or lap donkeys & are as sweet as can be.Miniature Donkeys have curious, engaging dispositions, & make great pets. A donkey’s first instinct when alarmed or confused is to stand still. This cautious approach, frequently mistaken for stubbornness, can be a great asset, especially around children. Donkeys average 34″ high at the withers, with 36″ the maximum height allowed in the breed. They weigh 200 to 350 pounds. Miniature donkeys have been valued in the Mediterranean region for over 2,000 years. They were used for draft & transport purposes, & for the power to grind wheat. Donkey milk was also utilized as a curative & skin treatment. It was said that even Poppea, wife of the Roman emperor Nero, kept a herd of jenney's to produce milk for her baths!

Miniature Donkey's

General Information

Miniature Donkey Pricing

Jenny's {Female} are $700

Jack's {Male}  are $600

Gelding's are $500

  •  Foals are not weaned from mom until  4 to 6 months old

  • You must be able to pick up your Donkey within 10 days of it being weaned

  • If you are unable to pick up your Donkey within the 10 days there is a boarding fee

  • All Donkeys will be tested & Clean

  • Halter Training

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