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Image by Kasper Lau

Icelandic Sheep

ISBONA Registered


Icelandic Sheep Pricing

Ewes $450 & Up

Ram's $400 & Up


The Icelandic sheep are of medium size with mature ewes weighing 150-160 lbs. & rams 200-220 lbs. The breed has both polled & horned individuals of both sexes but it is primarily horned.With the isolation that comes with living on an island, the Icelandic sheep is one of the purest breeds of sheep in the world. It is not only the cutest little animal, but its wool keeps us warm & its meat keeps us strong. Icelandic sheep are alert & active but not crazy. They have dispositions ranging from sweet & friendly to timid & shy.Most Icelandic sheep are shorn twice a year, in autumn/spring. The autumn shearing in October – November is done when the sheep are taken into their winter sheds. The Autumn wool has the best quality, free from contamination from the sheds & with good fiber length.The wool also felts easily & is prized by fiber artists. The two coats are: Tog: the soft strong long (to 18 inches) lustrous outer coat that provides wind, rain, & dust protection for the sheep. Icelandic's are excellent mothers with lots of milk & will nurse triplets without assistance. Icelandic's make wonderful mothers & take great care of their young. With an abundance of milk, the lambs are well fed & running around quickly. The ability to nurse up to three lambs is a great asset. This breed is listed as endangered by the livestock conservancy. The flavor of their milk is so unique that you can't compare it to anything else. It’s not sweet, but very rich and salty because the sheep only eat grasses and hay. If you're ever lucky enough to taste it, it's worth finding it for nothing else than the opportunity to try something distinctively different than any other kind of milk on earth Icelandic sheep milk is known for its high content of beta-carotene and fatty acids that are good for your complexion as well. Taste wise, it can be pretty comparable with other dairy milks. there's nothing unpleasant about yogurt made from it or ice cream made with that as the main ingredient! It tastes richer than cow's milk.

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