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The Great Pyrenees

The Worlds Best Livestock Guardians


The Great Pyrenees is a large, thickly coated, & immensely powerful working dog bred to deter sheep-stealing wolves & other predators on snowy mountaintops. Pyrenees today are mellow companions & vigilant guardians of home & family. The Great Pyrenees is a calm, well-mannered, serious dog known for his great devotion to family, including well-behaved children. These dogs are generally trustworthy, affectionate & gentle, but if the need arises, they will not hesitate to try to protect their family & their territory. Usually around six months, a Great Pyrenees will find it's voice & begin his job of guarding & protecting. Unlike most guard dogs, they are not “attack” dogs. Dogs protect & herd livestock, they guard properties, they kill vermin, & they can even pull carts. They will be aggressive with predators or threats to the sheep they are guarding, rushing at, growling, barking & intimidating, wolves, coyotes or other dogs. However, trained with adult sheep, Pyrenees will behave submissively, gaining the sheep's trust & eventually living with & protecting the sheep.

  • All Pups are given their first round of vaccines

  • All Pups will be Dewormed 

  • Optional Detailed Genetic History with each Pup

  • Purebred however, not Registered

  • All Pups will be Raised with Goats,Sheep,Pigs, other Dogs  & Human Kids of all Ages and have the option of being raised around poultry as well

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