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Babydoll Southdown sheep provide organic fertilizer, eat windfall fruit reducing disease problems, & can eliminate the need for herbicides/pesticides. Their flavorful meat is the Angus of sheep. They produce an excellent carcass with good meat-to-bone ratio & are perfect for self-sustainability. Babydoll sheep originated  in England. They were known to be very tough, with little sickness, even in bad weather. They were also famous for their meat which was more tender & flavorful than any other breed of sheep.They are known to live for approximately 15 to 16 years. They have also shown to be resistant to foot rot & parasites. This is an excellent attribute when raising & caring for livestock & should certainly not be under-emphasized. Babydoll Sheep are known for their docile & calm temperament. It has been said that Babydolls bring a soothing presence to a farm, & can calm other livestock that they are with. For this reason, partnered with its small stature & lack of horns, the Babydoll is a popular choice of sheep for 4-H & FFA. Babydolls are only about 18 to 24 inches tall when they're fully grown. They can weigh between 60 & 125 pounds. Because of their small size, they're easy to handle. Babydoll sheep can be easily contained with small, low fences. They are easy-keepers & require only grass or good quality hay & a sheep salt mineral for maintenance. 


NABSSAR Registered

Babydolls do not need much space & generally only need about 1 acre of land for 5 ewes & their lambs. They often prefer to be outdoors, however do require shelter from wind, rain, snow, & summer sun. Often a 3-sided lean to is enough, apart from lambing season.Each sheep produces an average of 4-6 six pounds of wool per year. Babydolls produce a very fine wool that can be likened to cashmere.Since it has more barbs per inch than other wool types, it is also ideal to blend with angora or other slick fibers since it clings so well. Its ability to wet felt is very low, although it is fantastic for needle-felting! Babydoll wool is great for socks, mittens, hats, blankets, & sweaters. Babydoll ewes are good mothers, according to breeders, & often have twins & occasionally even triplets. They like to stay together & don't typically wander off & get lost. They thrive on companionship. Babydolls can be milked, but they produce such a small amount, it's usually sufficient for the family—perfect for a small family homestead. Sheep dairy products are generally gentle on stomachs, & full of nutritional value.

Babydoll Sheep Pricing

BabyDoll Sheep


Ewes $ 500 & Up

Rams $ 400 & Up

Wether's $350

General Lamb Information

  • Lambs are raised on mom unless otherwise noted.

  • We test for CL/CAE

  • Animals sold at pet price are without papers

  • Vaccinated with 8 Way & Dewormed

  • Registered stock unless stated otherwise

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