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Ossabaw Island Hogs

Ossabaw Island Hogs  were brought to America by Spanish explorers in the 16th century.  This breed is listed as endangered they are  biologically unique, having been shaped by natural selection in a challenging environment known for heat, humidity & seasonal scarcity of food. They only get to about 100 pounds, but they  are able to store astounding amounts of body fat in order to survive during seasons with little food. The meat of Ossabaw's are dark, with a unique texture. Their fat is flavorful, high in omega 3s & almost liquid when heated. The breed has a nickname of  "the olive tree on 4 legs." They are very easy going pigs & make great family pigs. The bloodlines of our Ossabaw Island Hogs are the highest quality anyone can find & come directly from the original breeder.

**Please note all boar piglets are neutered**



*The wait list is currently Open*

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