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Randall Lineback Cattle

Randalls on average are medium in size with the cows weighing about 600-1100 lbs and bulls weighing from 1000 to 1800 lbs or more. The “lineback” part of the breed’s name describes their lineback color pattern. The cattle are blue-black with a white strip down their backs. The roan coloring on their sides varies from almost black to nearly white, with black noses, eye rings, ears, feet, and teats. Between the extremes are many animals that are blue roan or speckled. With increased breeding, additional colors have been observed, and herds now may contain some blue, gray, or recessive red animals.Randall are raised for their milk, their meat, and for their use as draft oxen. We believe strongly in the need to preserve heritage and rare breeds of livestock.The Randall breed is distinct from the American Lineback. Their high quality meat has a very strong beef flavor, and is often marbled with yellow fat. Despite its many qualities, the future of this breed is still uncertain as it faces competition from faster growing, more productive, commercial cattle breeds.They are good mothers and can sometimes be fiercely protective of their calves. Bulls are large and demonstrate good growth rates. A few steers have been trained and excel as oxen. Their unusual color, willingness, and ability make them attractive and capable draft animals. This breed is listed as Critically Endangered.


General Calf Information

Heifers- $2,300

Steers (neutered bulls) are $1,500

  • Calf's are registered unless otherwise noted. 

  • Calf's are raised on mom unless otherwise noted.

  • We test for CL/CAE

  • We do Halter Training with all Cattle

All Sales are final there are no refunds on any deposits placed with us.

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