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Deposits & Payments

  • Mini Highland Cows - Contract Sale Pre-order only

  • Scottish Highland Cattle- Contract Sale Pre-order only

  • Ossabaw Island Hogs- $200 Deposit Per Pig

  • Babydoll Sheep- $200 Deposit Per Sheep

  • Mini Nubian Goats{Registered}- $200 Deposit Per Goat

  • Nigerian Dwarf {Registered}-$ 200 Deposit Per Goat

  • Myotonic Fainting Goats {Registered}- $200 Deposit Per Goat

  • Arapawa Goats- $200 Deposit Per Goat

  • Appaloosa Horses- Contract sale Pre-Order only

  • Miniature Donkeys- Contract sale Pre-Order only

When paying with a Debit or Credit Card there is a 3%  processing fee added to your Transaction

Deposit Options

Image by Max S.

Reserving Your Animal

  • A deposit is required in order to reserve an animal until it is ready to be picked up

  • All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE

  • Please contact us before placing deposits

  • After we have spoken regarding the animal in question & confirmed you may place the deposit

You may place deposits on future animals being placed on a waitlist. We cannot guarantee gender, color or eye color.

You may also skip a group of babies & be moved up on the waitlist for the next group of babies.

Payment Methods

  • Venmo @BuckingMiniRanch

  • Cash App $buckingminiranch

  • Paypal & SquareUp Payments accepted with a 3% processing fee

  • Cash is accepted with in person transactions

  • Now accepting payments over the phone & via email

Place Deposit & Make Payments

Deposits & Payments: On The Ranch Activities
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Livestock Deposits