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The Bunny Bungalow


Buck: Bugs Bunny

The Endangered Silver Fox Rabbits

Male/Female $100


Doe: Lola Bunny

The Silver Fox is a multi-purpose breed used for shows meat & fur. They are a beautiful rabbit which stands apart from other breeds. Does have large litters, produce plenty of milk, are excellent mothers, & make wonderful foster mothers. Silver Fox are known for their docile & gentle nature. The young are born either solid black or blue & begin to show silvering of their fur at about 4 weeks. The silvering process takes 4 months to complete. The fur is one of the most attractive & unusual features of the breed. It is extremely dense & 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. When the fur is stroked from tail to head, it will stand straight up until stroked in the opposite direction. This trait is found in no other breed & greatly resembles the pelt of the silver fox of the Arctic. This breed is listed as Critically Endangered. Color Possibilities:" Black, Blue, Lilac , White & Chocolate

{Excellent choice for 4H or FFA}

** Wait list is currently closed**

  • All Rabbits are Given Pasteurella Vaccinations

  • Pedigrees will be Provided for all Rabbits

  • Clean & Tested Colony

  • Purebred & Show Quality

Doe's: Mopsy & Flopsy

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