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Buck:  Rocking M Peter Parker

Myotonic Goat Registry Registered


Myotonic Goats {AKA Fainting Goats}

Myotonic Fainting Goats are an American breed of  high quality meat goat. They are characterized by Myotonia Congenita, a hereditary condition that can cause them to to stiffen or fall over when startled. They are known to have a curious & friendly temperament. Fainting Goats are very easy to take care of & can make great family farm animals.

Buck:  Rocking M Jupiter Kiss

General Goat Information

Myotonic Fainting Goat Pricing

Does $450 & Up
Wether's $250 


Doe: Well Adjusted Acres Snap

  • Kids are registered  unless otherwise noted. 

  • Kids are raised on mom unless otherwise noted.

  • We test for CL/CAE & Johne's

  • Pet price is for goats without papers

  • Vaccinated with 8 Way & Dewormed


Doe: Ahart Acres Last Dance with MaryJane 


Doe: Frassenei Farm'sAlice in Wonderland

**Buckling's purchased at a pet price will not be neutered under 10 weeks old due to urinary risks. They will be neutered before they are allowed to go to their new homes**

**Wait list is currently open**

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