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Scottish Highland Cattle

Highland cows are raised primarily for their meat, which is growing in popularity due to being lower in cholesterol than other forms of beef. These cattle are a hardy breed.  they have an excellent temperament & are renowned for their friendly nature. Highland cattle have a clear social structure & hierarchy of dominance, which means fights & aggressive behavior rarely happens. So don't be intimidated by their fearsome horns. They are the oldest registered breed in the world, the records of Highland cattle date back to the first herd-book in 1885. The taste has to be more intense in flavor and it needs to be more tender than other breeds. The ability of  being a Highland breeder allows us to trace the sire/dam of each cow  & permits us to select back the better animals to produce "premium" cows. They need plenty of shade & water. They need pastures with trees. They don't do well alone, every cow needs a companion! They have a unique double hair coat (coarse outer layer & wooly inner layer). This coat helps it to easily handle cold & rainy climates, but it can shed its thick coat to thrive in hot & humid weather as well. They are In Recovering Status by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

All Sales are final there are no refunds on any deposits placed with us.

All cows are pre-sales with purchase contracts only.

Heifers start at $5,000 with a $2,500 upfront contract deposit


Steers (neutered bulls) are $3,500 with a $1,500 upfront sales contract


General Calf Information

  • Calf's are registered unless otherwise noted. 

  • Calf's are raised on mom unless otherwise noted.

  • We test for CL/CAE

  • We do Halter Training with all Cattle

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